How to Ignore Your Friend’s Advices with No Offence

Have you been in trouble with your best friend because you have ignored his/her advice? There are lots of causes because of which your best friend gets angry. It can be the way you ignore his/her advices or maybe your best friend is a little bit too sensitive.

Apart from your friend’s sensitiveness, it is not the rejection of his/her advices that makes your best friend angry. Actually, your best friend feels that he/she is being rejected as a person.

Nevertheless, here are several tips which might help you to ignore your friend’s advices with no offense:

1. Show your respect

If you feel that your best friend’s advice is not good enough to take, express your unwillingness in a polite manner. The best way to express your disagreement is to say, “No, thanks.”

Ensure, to the best of your abilities, that he/she does not feel insulted. Convince him/her that you need a bit more time to think over it.

Some advices may actually prove to be quite useful when you actually think over them few days later.

2. Rule of two-one

Several days after your friend gave his/her advice to you, meet him/her to speak about your newest thought. Friendship is very valuable if you feel that your friend is not convinced.

Tell your friend

two reasons why he/she has done the right thing

. Then, give your friend only

one reason on why his/her advice is not accepted


3. Thanks

Tell your friend that you have made another adjustment on a new issue. Say thanks to your friend for making such an adjustment for you.

Now, your friend will feel that he/she is the part of your decision making process.

4. Ask for something else

Ask your best friend’s advice for the newest issue. It will convince your friend that he/she is being honored and only small part of his/her idea is not accepted.

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