How to Criticize Your Friend in a Polite Manner

Your friend likes talking dirty words, your room mate never washes the dishes or your sister always disappears from home without any notification. You want to criticize them but you are afraid that they will get angry.

As you already know, criticizing friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or family members could be a risky job. Your relationship could be jeopardized if they are unable to accept your criticism.

From this problem, a question arises. How can one criticize somebody or anybody without hurting his/her feelings? How to deliver the criticism in an acceptable way?

Here are some suggestions which might help you to criticize your friend in a polite manner:

1. Build a Strong Basis

Firstly, you should tell the person whom you want to criticize that you really appreciate him/her for the things that he/she has done.

As an example, your friend likes burping a lot. Tell him that he has the coolest burp in the school. No matter how stupid it is, just say it.

2. Go and Criticize

Several days later, tell your friend that you have changed your mind and you want him/her to listen and then apply your words in a different way. This new idea can be a new information which you heard from somebody, an article or anything.

For this reason, you are the one who is responsible. This happens simply because you have changed your mind.

As you can imagine, you will relate this problem with yourself and not to your friend. In that way, it is almost impossible for your friend to get angry.

Following the example in the first suggestion, you will meet your burping-maniac-friend in two days. Tell him that both of you will have a formal school meeting. Ask him to hold his habit during the meeting.

After the meeting is done, tell him that you appreciate him for his politeness. Finally, ask him to be concerned about his burping habit according to the circumstances.

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