Tips for Teen: What to Answer if You Have Nothing Good to Say


– Your friend asks for your opinion whether her necklace goes well with her dress. According to your opinion, there is no suitability at all between her necklace and her dress.

If you want to be straight forward with your opinion, it would be better for you to think about the implications as well.

You have to bear in mind that when your friend asks for your advice or opinion related to a specific thing, actually there is a big probability that he/she is looking for compliment.

If your friend is really looking for your opinion then he/she would bring some samples to be compared. Then, what is the right way to give the opinion in an appropriate way?

Here are several steps which might help you to answer if you have nothing good to say to your friend:

1. Compliment your friend

When your friend asks for something that has been decided, give him/her your compliment. Because your compliment is what he/she is looking for.

As an example, your friend asks whether the necklace matches with her dress, then tell her if the necklace really matches with her dress.

In such cases, honesty is not always the right thing. Nonetheless, doing the correct thing is the right thing.

2. Be honest

When your friend asks for your opinion in order to avoid a mistake or to do the right thing, then you should give your friend an honest answer. Most importantly, give your advice to the best of your abilities, so that he/she does not feel insulted.

As an example, if your friend asks this kind of question to you:

Your friend: I want to buy a dress which costs me $1000, what do you think about it?
You: For me, it is very expensive. Let’s wait for a few days and maybe then the prices would reduce.

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