How to Deal with Negative Comments

You feel very disturbed when someone makes irrational or negative comments about you. Moreover, you will be pissed off if he/she gives the comments in blunt words.

When you are dealing with such situations, you better take a look at the situation from the bright side. Accept the negative comments as a way to help you become a mature person. A mature person means someone who has good self-control.

Nevertheless, you may try the suggested steps below which might help you to deal with negative comments:

1. Directly Say Thanks

Probably, your first reaction is defending yourself. You want to fight his/her comments back. Before you go further, you should ask a question to yourself. Are you sure that the action would be the right one?

Why do you have to waste your energy and your time by having an argument?

All you have to do is smile and say thanks for the comments, no matter how ridiculous and irrational they are.

2. Ask a counter question

After you say thanks for his/her comments, give him/her a counter question. Ask that person a question on how he/she can be very smart in the discussed subject. Ask this question in a normal tone and do not sound sarcastic.

Most importantly, this question will end his/her negative comments in the future.

You may read the example of the implementation of this tips below:

Him/Her: You know something? You looked stupid during the last class meeting!
You: Thank you for the words. I believe you can do more better than myself. Will you share with me your secret to look great in the next class meeting?

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