How to Make (almost) Everybody Love You

Do you want to be loved by everybody? First of all, you have to do a self-assessment on yourself. Do you have the qualities that would make everyone love you?

Living in this world is not only about accepting, but also giving. Once you realize the meaning of giving and accepting, you will receive lots of love in your life.

Here are several suggestions which might help you to make everybody love you:

1. Believe in yourself

You have to appreciate and believe in yourself. Even if no one believe in you, you got to believe in yourself. You do not have to wait for verification from someone or everyone.

More than how the world sees you, it is how you see yourself that makes all the difference.

In short, be positive.

2. Interact with people frequently

According to several researches, the more often you interact with people, the more they like you.

3. Law of similarity

People will love somebody who has similarity with them. When you want to strike a conversation with somebody, you should converse with him/her while he/she is in a good mood in order to have a great result.

In between the conversation, talk about something which you both like. Most importantly, be genuine in everything that you say.

4. Mirroring

You should adjust your body language and the way you speak according to the one whom you talk to.

5. Be Ordinary

You are human and not superman. Sometimes humans do wrong or clumsy things. It is normal.

According to Arronson, Willerman and Floyd (1966), to see someone whom you admired doing stupid or clumsy things will make you love him/her more.

6. Be Grateful

Always show an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for the life you have right now. Share your happiness with others, especially the ones who need it.

The more you share your fortune, the more love you will have in your life.

Lastly, when you want to be loved by everybody, there are some rules that you need to carry out. You should be realistic.

You should realize that you cannot be loved by everybody. This is the law of nature. Do not push yourself too much. Otherwise, you are going to end up feeling bad about yourself.

Either you have done the right thing or wrong thing, there will always be someone out there who loves you or hates you for no reason.

Why should you care for somebody who hates you while you have not done anything bad to him/her?
In short, you may have lots of wishes, yet you have to be realistic.

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