How to Identify Your True Friend

Is your friend honest to you? Can you trust him/her in any kind of circumstances? Does your friend care about you when you are at your lowest point of your life? Above all, is your friend a true friend or fake friend?

In this life, sometimes we have fake friends who think only of themselves. Fake friends will be on your side only when you are on the top. They always expect others to visit them and see them whilst they do not want to show the same affection towards others.

Now, do you want to know the difference between true friends and fake friends?

In the following suggestions, we give you six points to test whether your friend is a true friend or… a fake.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Honesty

Your true friend is willing to make you feel better than before by saying honest things, even if it hurts for you.

At the same time, your friend will not twist the facts if he/she has done something wrong to you.

2. Trust

Your true friend will keep your secret and never share it to someone else. When your true friend makes a promise to you, he/she will keep it.

In short, you know that you can trust your true friend with no worries of being neglected.

3. Loyalty

A true friend knows the meaning of loyalty in a relationship. Your true friend will not leave you while you at your lowest point of your life.

4. Attention

Attention is another trait of a true friend. How great is your friend’s attention towards you? Does he/she care about your problems?

When you share things about your personal life to your friend, can your friend remember it?

5. Pride

Your true friend will be proud of you when you achieve something. Your true friend will not envy your achievements.

6. Sacrifice

Your true friend would sacrifice his/her pleasure to help you get out of trouble.

If your friend is able to pass at least four of the values above, you may consider him/her as your true friend.

Nevertheless, you have to remember that a true relationship based on give and take. Therefore, you are not a true friend if you only want to accept without doing something better in return.

Point taken, you have to start it yourself.

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