What are the Benefits of a Smile?

What do you feel when you see someone smiling at you? Do you feel like smiling back? In another moment, when you feel sad and then you smile, what do you feel? Do you feel calmer?

Mother Teresa once said, “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

Smiling is a universal language that is done in the same way in every part of the world. Intuitively, people are towards those who smile genuinely.

In our previous articles, we have written about the importance of smiles.

Whenever you want to make a great first impression, smiling is compulsory.

To be a cool person who is admired by a lot of people, smiling is still compulsory.

Smiles are a window to the soul. Smiles have that kind of ability that turns a total stranger into a friend in a relatively short time.

Unfortunately, the older people are, the less they tend to smile everyday. When you were a baby, you smiled up to 200 times per day in average. The stated number creates a huge gap when compared to the smile quantity of a woman (± 60 times per day) and a man (± 8 times per day).

Hopefully, the benefits of smile presented below might be able to help you increase the quantity of your smile per day (compiled from various relevant studies):

1. Improve Your Mood

Human facial expressions are an indicator of emotions (Izard, 1971). Furthermore, smiles give optimistic emotion and have effects on personalities and life results by affecting how people think, act, and work together with others.

2. Longevity

Smiling is indicated to influence life expectancy (Abel and Kruger, 2007).

3. Marriage Stability and Satisfaction

At the moment, you might not have an intention to get married. Nonetheless, you should know that smile intensity during your childhood and teenage times are correlated with marriage stability and satisfaction (Harker and Keltner, 2001; Hertenstein et al., 2009).

Therefore, if you want to have a healthy family that has a strong bond among the members, you should smile more often.

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