How to Say No Politely

Your best friends invite you to a movie while you are very tired. You want to say no but do not know how to say it politely without hurting your buddies.

A question arises in your mind, “How to say no to my best friends’ invitation?”

Sometimes, we fear confrontation with our friends because of saying “no” to an offering or an invitation. However, if you say, “yes” it means you will do something you do not want to do.

Here is some advice that might help you to solve your problem.

1. “No, thank you.”

Just say a simple “No.” and “Thank you.” with a smile and polite tone.

2. Ask something back

Ask something that is almost impossible for him/her to accept. You should ask immediately after you say, “No.”

For example:

Your friend: Dude, may I borrow your motorcycle for two or three days?
You: I’m sorry, not now. By the way, I’ll go out of town for three days next week. Would you take care of all my dogs?

3. Give personal reasons

Give personal reasons for declining. This reason should be a strong reason so that he/she finds it hard to push you.

For example:

Your friend: I just made a special hamburger for you. Would you accept it?
You: I’m sorry, I cannot. I am a vegetarian. Moreover, my family’s belief forbids me from eating any kind of meat.

4. Move to different topic

You should stay firm when somebody becomes pushy. You should be calm and control your emotions too. Say once again “No, thank you.” with a deeper tone, which says “No” means “No.”

Then, quickly move to another topic.

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