How to Deal with Gossip Effectively

Gossip is idle talk or groundless rumors (The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 1984). Gossip affects the individual who is the prime object of the gossip. Gossip may even lead to destructive effects.

Promoting exaggerated stories about an individual’s life is grossly uncivilized and hurts the person a great deal. Sometimes, it may even lead to suicide.

Gossip not only affects the individual but also the interpersonal relation between the individual and the rumormongers.

In daily life, however, most gossip is about trivial things that do not affect the person a great deal.

Most gossipers have a negative approach to the people around them. Human relations are adversely affected because of these people.

Then, how to deal with it?

Here are some suggestions that might help you to deal with the gossip menace effectively:

1. Trace Out the Source
First, check out for the source of the gossip. Once you have come to know the actual culprit, engage him/her personally.

As far as possible, convince the person of the sort of mischief and the damage that occurred to you due to the mischief.

First, use the option of a friendly request. If it does not work, inform his/her family members, as well as yours, and seek their help.

If nothing works, then use the final option of taking the help of the law enforcement authorities.
2. Make it More Bombastic
If you are not sure about the person who has started all this in the first place, then you may take the following steps:
First, you should not deny it. Just accept the gossip.
Next, you may exaggerate the gossip or make it more bombastic. Because people usually will not accept and believe an exaggerated bit of gossip that sounds irrational.
For example, someone spread gossip about you around the school. You are spoken of as someone who likes stealing from a store. You do not have to deny it. Just say that you have made a plan to be the best thief in the country, or even in the world.

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