How to Get Someone to Forgive You

Have you experienced a moment where your friend does not want to forgive your mistake? Maybe he/she thinks your mistake is unforgiven. You have tried several ways but nothing works.

In life, sometimes we have to deal with this kind of situation. To make it worse, you have this dilemma with your best friend. You have realized that you have done a terrible mistake. If you are on his/her side, possibly you will do the same thing.

Then, how to solve this problem? How to get your friend to forgive you when your relationship with your friend at its lowest point?

Here are several steps which might help you to get your friend to forgive you:

Step 1: Be responsible, ask for forgiveness, and be sincere


you have to be responsible for your mistake. You must put your mistake to yourself instead of somebody else. That is the meaning of being responsible for your mistake.


, ask for forgiveness. No matter how many times you have said it before, just say that words, “I am sorry.”


, you have to be sincere when you ask for forgiveness, especially while you speak the words, “I am sorry.” Sincerity means you are being honest and not twisted the facts.

Step 2: Show remorse and willingness to accept the punishment

Show your remorse and willingness to accept the punishment. You may suggest the samples of punishment which are suitable with your mistake.

Remember, the purpose of this step is to hand over your fate to your friend. To be specific, you hand over your relationship fate to your friend.

Step 3: Explanation

Show your willingness not to repeat the same mistake. Then, give some explanations about the cause of your mistake. Give your friend a reasonable explanation which is not look like defending yourself. Fear would be the best possible explanation of your mistake.

For example, “I am so sorry, I did it because I fear of losing you…”

Step 4: Nothing can be taken

Finally the last step, you should tell to your friend nothing useful can be taken from your actions. You derive nothing from your mistake.

Kindly bear in mind, the key to be forgiven depends on your relationship recovery.

After you have done all these steps, what you have now is only time. Time is the only thing you cannot manipulate. Hopefully, your friend will forgive you and things will back to normal as before or even better.

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