Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a very difficult phase for young teen girls and boys. It is a phase which can cause emotional crisis and you might crumble under the circumstances. As a teen, having a baby might make it much difficult to reach your goals like finishing school or getting a job, and just not it, the child might face additional challenges as well. Yes, there is a lot of stress about how to break it to your parents, or having constrained relation with your partner. But, finding help is not impossible. You have options, and making a choice depends on your circumstances.

You have Options

We know you might find your options limited, but the bright side is, atleast they are available. You can always consider the following options :

  • Parenting:

    Firstly, you must realise and accept that a lot of responsibilities come with parenting. But, if you opt for this option you’ll have one of the most rewarding experiences of watching your child grow up. Parenting a child is a lifelong commitment, it’s all about giving physical, emotional and financial support to your child. And the main part is to be able to give undying and unconditional love. But at this point of your life, you should ask yourself if you are prepared and willing to take this kind of responsibility? And to be able to go through this, would you be able to get the needed support from your loved ones?

  • Due to circumstances, if it’s not possible for you to parent your child, then your next best option can be – Adoption.

  • Adoption:

    If you are opting to give your baby for adoption, during your pregnancy you can look out for placing your child with another family. Who better than you can determine in deciding which home is the most better suitable for your baby? You can also consider about having contact with the foster parents.

This is not a picture that has to be painted, but teen mothers are perfectly capable of having healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Teen pregnancy can be a strain on relationships, but once you are pregnant there is no easy choice, but its not like you don’t have options.

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