How to Get Good Advices

At some point of your life, you need good advices. You start to look for it. Once you find the advices, you do not know whether the advice is good or bad for you. Even if you may find a good advice, is it suitable for you?

When you look for advices, you have made yourself become more mature. Advices teach you how to be a good listener. Advices are also a good tool of self-evaluation.

However, not all advices are good advices. Furthermore, not all good advices are suitable advices for you. Then, how to get good advices which is suitable for oneself?

The following tips on how to get good advices are as follow:

Step 1: Be Open Minded

Sometimes, people tend to look for advices which they like.

For example, X is a narcissist person. He/she always look for specific advices about his/he look to others. What kind of specific advices are they? Yes, advices which always compliments on his/her looks.

This kind of advices would be considered as useless advices. You should be open minded if you want to be mature. You should not always listen to the things that you like because sometimes rude advices able to take us into a better way.

Step 2: Avoid People Who Have Hatred and Jealousy

You should never ask for advice from people who have hatred and jealousy to you. There is a probability that their advices would lead you into a wrong way.

If you still want to hear their advices, simply make the advices as another perspective for your life choices.

Step 3: Take a Look from Several Perspectives

You should take a look from several perspectives in a bid to have the best result. Several perspectives mean broader choices of advices.

At the beginning, possibly it would be a little bit hard for you to listen to many advices. However, you will derive more knowledge and experiences which are useful for your maturity.

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