How to Get Someone to Open Up to You

You have become friends with him/her for months, but you still do not know his/her personality deep enough. Your friend looks very mysterious in so many ways. You keep guessing for several times and nothing is correct. One thing for sure, your friend drives you crazy through his/her mysterious personality.

Your friend keeps you wondering, “What do I have to do to make him/her open up to me?”

Before we continue, kindly bear in mind that conversation is an art. You have to keep practice to make your conversation skills better.

Here are several tips which might help you to get someone to open up to you.

1. Be Open

Do you know about the rule of take and give? Remember, you should open up yourself before you ask someone or everyone around you to open up to you.

You may use this strategy whenever you want to make your mysterious friend to open up to you. Share your story of life which comforts you the very best with him/her.

2. Do Not be Investigator

Do not push yourself when you ask your friend. Mysterious person dislike being treated like a defendant. All you have to do is create a light conversation which is started from general things and not specific or personal things.

You can ask about school, movies, music and other general topics.

3. Show an Honest Interest

You better show an honest interest when you have a conversation with him/her. Exhibit your interest through your tone, body language and share part of your life which has similarity with his/her.

4. Make an Open Question

It would be better for you to create an open question in between the conversation. An open question is useful to know deeper about your friend. Furthermore, an open question would be useful to strengthen the bond between you and your friend.

For example:
You: What color do you like?
Your friend: Cream
You: What makes you like cream color? << open question

Once you have the knowledge and experience to go deeper in a conversation, you can take yor relationship into a higher level.

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