How to Get Your Borrowed Things Back

Your friend borrowed your money and he/she said she will give it back soon. A week passed and nothing happens. Your friend never mention about your money every time you meet him/her. Your friend acts like there is nothing happen. Inside your heart, you feel resentful since you dislike people who do not keep their words. Sounds familiar?

How many times you lend your things to others just to end up with nothing? You want to ask your things back, but you feel unpleasant to do it. Now, you are thinking about the best way to get your borrowed things back because you have had enough with this situation.

Here are some tips which might useful for you to get your borrowed things back.

Step 1: Ask Directly

Meet your friend or anyone who borrowed your things and ask him/her directly to return it back to you immediately. It would be better for you to add reasons into your request.

For example:
John, I hope you can give my money back now because I have to buy books and martial arts courses next week.

This is a simple way and straight to the point. Only fools who cannot get this message. Usually this method is enough to get your borrowed things back. However, sometimes this strategy does not work. He/she will give you excuses to make a delay.

Step 2: Stroke His / Her Ego

You better use this strategy when you face rejection or your friend who borrowed your things tend to make a delay. You can stroke his/her ego in several ways.

The suggestions about how to stroke his/her ego are as follow:

• Tell your friend if you recognize him/her as a person of his/her word. This approach will make your friend reevaluate his/her personal value. Then, you may ask your borrowed things again.

• Tell your friend that several people (you do not have to mention their names) have told you not to lend anything to him/her. The reason is your friend rarely gives the things back to the lender. This method will make your friend think about ways to keep his/her dignity. It means, he/she has to give your things back immediately.

Step 3: Threat Him / Her

Use this strategy only to stubborn and shameless people. Threat him/her that you will tell everyone about his/her bad habit. This method works effectively to stroke your friend’s dignity.

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