How to Deal with a Friend Who Always Complains

Do you feel annoyed with someone who always complains? Maybe you have a friend who has complaint behavior. He/she will complain about everything in almost every aspect of his/her life. Before your friend’s behavior gets worse, you need to find a solution. So, what’s the solution?

Dealing with people who have complaint behavior would be a good way to enhance your interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are compulsory when you become an adult. Once you can deal with this kind of person, it will be easier for you to face another similar issue.

The suggestions to deal with a friend who always complains are as follows:

Step 1: Listen

Just listen, that’s your first step to deal with your friend who has complaint behavior. Unluckily, a lot of people do not know how to listen. Listening is very simple: close your mouth and open both of your ears.

Let your friend mumble and do not interrupt his/her words; otherwise, you will have a fierce argument with your friend. Repeat some of his/her words as proof that you listen to your friend.

For example, “Yeah, being neglected really sucks, especially for someone like you”; or, “In relation with your conditions, they cannot just abandon you now.”

Next, ask your friend about what you can do to help him/her solve the problem. You may use comforting words in between your conversation.

Step 2: Create Mutual Understanding

You should adjust your body language, your tone and your words with your friends to create mutual understanding.

Similar with the example in step 1, you may repeat some of his/her words again. Do these steps vaguely so that your friend does not feel like they are being toyed with.

Step 3: Deliver Your Request

Finally, once he looks calm, deliver your request immediately. Tell your friend that it would be better for him/her to be light-hearted and reduce the quantity of complaints.

Please bear in mind that you cannot do all these things in a short time. Hopefully by these tips, your friend’s behavior will improve over a period of time.

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