How to Deal with a Stubborn Friend

No! My way is the right way! What do you know about this matter?!!

Do you feel familiar with the words above? Well, if you have a friend who is stubborn, you probably are already used to his/her words; however, there are times when you feel irritated and annoyed with his/her stubbornness. There is nothing you say which will change his/her mind.

Fortunately, we still have hopes to deal with your stubborn friend in the best possible ways.

The suggestions about how to deal with a stubborn friend are as follows:

Step 1: Use Psychological Approach

Before you do this, find out about your friend’s personal values. Once you know about his/her personal values, you can use them as a way to change his/her stubborn mind.

For example, your friend believes in the law of equality. Furthermore, your friend has an opinion that all people have the same rights as individuals.

Then, you may use the following lines:

1. You believe that all the people have the same rights, right?
2. Now, what do you think about the right to speak out and be heard?

Use both questions and others which are similar to ask to your friend. These kinds of questions will make him/her listen to you. Continue the discussion with your request or opinion that you want to speak.

Step 2: Make Your Friend’s Body Move

According to several studies, our physiological conditions affect our emotional conditions significantly. When your friend keeps his/her stubborn mind, try to make your friend move his/her body.

Through this way, hopefully your friend would be more open to you.

Step 3: Give More Information and Perspective to Your Friend

Stubborn people would not change his/her opinion easily; your friend would feel as if he/she is being inconsistent.

You can help by giving your friend more relevant information and perspective in order to get his/her agreement.

Step 4: Make Your Friend Feel Responsible

You should make your friend become part of the decision. Specifically, make your friend feel responsible with the decision.

Through this way, your friend feels he /she has an agreement with something which is in line with his/her values.

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