How to Make a Friend Keep a Promise

How many times in your life you have said, “But you have promised!” to your friends? Probably at this moment, you still have your patience. How would you feel about another time when a similar situation occurs? Can you hold your temper?

Nonetheless, before you start to ask your friends to keep their promises, you should start to fulfill those promises from yourself. In our previous article, we have written about the importance in keeping your promise.

Inside this article, we provide you some suggestions which might help you to make your friend keep his/her promise.

• Believe Your Friend

Tell to your friend if you believe him/her to meet his/her promise. Psychologically, your friend feels that he/she has an obligation to meet his/her promises. To meet his/her promises means to express his/her personal values.

For example, you can say, “John, you are a man of his word. I believe you will keep your promise.”

• Make Your Friend Speak

It would be better for you to make your friend speak the promise by himself/herself. By saying the promise, your friend should feel obliged to meet his/her promise.

For example, you can say, “You will help us about this matter, right?” Possibly, your friend would say, “Yes, I will help you all to take care about this matter.”

• Make a Deadline

Ask your friend to make a deadline. You may ask, “When will you deliver your promise?” Based on your question, your friend may answer, “I will deliver it in two days.”

• Foster Your Friend’s Responsibility

Tell your friend if you have cancelled several appointments or activities in relation to the promise. Furthermore, tell your friend that a cancellation would ruin your schedule.

For example, you can say, “Steve, I have cancelled my $200 baseball lesson for our activities next Saturday. I do hope we can have great time there.”

• Touch Your Friend’s Heart

Make your friend more obliged to his/her promise by saying you rely on the fulfillment of his/her promise.

For example, you may say, “OK John, I rely on you to do the job. This car needs to be fixed immediately. Otherwise my parents would kill me when they see the scratch next week.”

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