How to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship

Have you experienced jealousy? Most people have experienced jealousy at least once in their lives. If you have, how did it feel? Did you feel pain, grieve, or feel any other negative feeling inside your heart? Going further, were you able to overcome your jealousy? Now, what would you do if your partner became jealous of someone?

Before we continue to find the answer, first we have to know the cause of jealousy. Jealousy comes when someone feels that his/her pride is humiliated.

For example, Sarah has a boyfriend named Patrick. Patrick is a boy who is very into football. One day, Sarah sees Patrick’s friend plays football better than him, and Sarah speaks about it with Patrick. Patrick becomes jealous because of Sarah’s story. Football is his pride and Sarah just compared his athletic ability with his friend.

On the other side, it would be a very different case if Sarah compared Patrick’s ability in cooking with her own ability. Maybe Patrick will not be jealous at all, since he has no interest with cooking.

For that reason, you should be careful when you converse with your partner. Take care to avoid a topic which brings down his/her dignity and pride.

Here are some tips which might help you to overcome jealousy in a relationship:

Avoid Conversation which Bring Downs Your Partner’s Pride

As we already explained above, you should avoid conversation which brings down your partner’s pride. Imagine if the same thing were to happen to you.

Stop Comparing

Avoid comparing your partner to others. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you are still comparing with no strong reason, you will bring misery into your relationship. Is that what you want?

Be Happy with What You Have

Exhibit an attitude of gratitude. Once you have happiness with what you have, you will have a more positive outlook toward life.

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