How to Notice that You are Being Manipulated

There are always people who want power over others and need to manipulate other people for their own sake. It can be hard to know when you are being manipulated but the tricks of manipulators can be identified if you know what to look for. By knowing how manipulators work, you would be more aware of your surroundings. You would not take all the information that you are given so easily. Being able to be critical of someone’s words or actions is an important step in maturing to become an adult.

Here are several ways which are used by a manipulator to control others:


How many of your friends have been manipulated in love? Cases of manipulation in love and relationships have been happening forever and are still going on. Usually the manipulator asks something from the partner as the proof of love.

For example:
“Do you love me? Then prove it, make love with me tonight as the proof of your love.”


Curiosity kills. Sometimes the idiom becomes reality if you cannot control yours. By sparking someone’s curiosity, they can be manipulated to do things they normally wouldn’t do that put themselves or others in danger, such as stealing, drugs or cheating.”

For example:
“This is the chance of a life time! Try it! Don’t you want to know what it’s like?”

Guilty Feelings

Skilled manipulators will make you feel guilty for not fulfilling their wishes.

For example:
If they have done something wrong and you expose them, they might try to make you feel bad about telling the truth. “How could you do this to me if you are my friend?”


When we fear of something, we lose control of our emotion and do stupid things we wouldn’t otherwise do

For example:
“If you don’t take these drugs with me, you will have get yourself home alone.” ”


Think clearly, keep cool and be the master of your emotion whenever you are being intimidated. It is just a front to get you to do something.

For example:
“Don’t be scared. This is easy.  Breaking into our principal’s house is what we all did to become part of this group.”

Need to be Liked

Everyone in this world has the need to be liked. As social creatures, humans want to be liked by others and this desire is used to manipulate others.

For example:
“Are you really our friend? A real friend knows the meaning of sharing. It only cost $200.  We’d do the same for you and if you are really our friend it shouldn’t be a problem

Ego Inflation

Beware when someone speaks sweet words to you, they may just be trying to make you feel good so that you will do something to carry out his/her needs.

For example:
“You are such a smart and generous person. You are the best person to help me be successful at online gambling.”

These dirty tricks can make you lose control of your emotions and actions. Take the time to think and analyze their words so that you can identify situations where someone is using you for their own needs.

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