What Can You do After High school

After high school, deciding your next step can be quite tricky. With options being a plenty, zeroing in on one thing can be very confusing. It could be very boring to answer the question ‘What are you doing after graduation?’ over and over again. College can be the most safest thing to choose, though it’s good for some students, the other students are better off pursuing other things than college. The truth is, college may not be for everyone and nor can it be truly required. College is not as critical as education is. After high school, if you are not college-bound, then you have a couple of alternatives.


If you don’t want to do the typical conventional thing of joining college, then you can try the following alternatives .

  • Go Get a Job:

    Holding a full-time job can be a transitional phase to adulthood. Often, there are a few companies that employ teens on a part-time basis. It’s advisable for you to not join such kind of companies. Start your search near larger employees as they have more opportunities. While searching, make sure the product produced or service provided by the company interests you.

  • NGO – Non Government Organisations:

    If you want to make a difference after high school and if you want to try to find a place in this world, then you can consider working with an NGO. Although most of the peace corporations prefer college graduates, there are a few national programmes like Americorps which allows 16-17 year olds to make a difference through a lot of programmes all over U.S.

  • Traveling:

    Traveling may be for you provided you like exploring places and things. Traveling to other foreign countries can be a great way to learn and experience other cultures. It helps you to learn about yourself and equips you to have cultural knowledge to be able to apply for global economy. There are innovative and cheap ways to explore the world – provided you have the money for that. But, unfortunately if you don’t have the required money then you can always opt for student exchange programmes or you can also seek for employment on a cruise ship. Options are many.

  • The Armed Forces – Military:

    Joining the military may not be a popular or safe choice, but it’s a great way to get to know about yourself. The military provides you with the option of building your career in service, and at the same time will help you with the necessary money required for further education. And the beauty of this job is that it not only allows you to serve your country but also gives you valuable work experience to apply for other civilian jobs.

  • Community College:

    Attending community college can be a great way to ease into college and explore more about yourself and what you like doing in life. The admissions into these colleges are easier and much cheaper. If you want to pay for your own course, then you can consider working part-time. If you decide that college is the next right thing to do, then a lot of community colleges have tie ups with four-year colleges. So you can transfer your credits to that college and pursue your desired course.

Apart from these, there are a lot of career options in operations, health care, technology, transportation and building construction which don’t really require a four year degree. As and when you are progressing in these fields, you can plan on joining a college and do a proper course. You can always pursue degree at a later date, nothings stopping you from doing it.

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