How to Make Your Friend Reveal What is Inside His / Her Mind

When you doubt your friend’s opinion, do you want to know what they are really thinking? How do find out what their true thoughts are?

First of all, you should realize that not all people tell lies to manipulate, take advantage of you, or any other negative purpose. Many people are not honest because they do not want to hurt somebody’s feelings.

The temptation to reveal the truth can be very irresistible but is difficult to do.

Here are several conversations which show ways to help your friend be honest.

1st conversation:

You: Nick, do you agree with our plan to go to the beach next week?
Nick: I agree with you.
You: What makes you agree with the plan?

2nd conversation:

You: Jenna, do you like John’s attitude?
Jenna: Yeah, I like his attitude.
You: Do you think his attitude could be more likable?

3rd conversation:

You: Rob, what’s your opinion about our team performance?
Rob: It’s good.
You: What’s good about it?

As you can read from the examples above, the objective of your question is to make your friend tells the details regarding to his/her answer.

If your friend tells the truth, he/she not hesitate to talk in detail about his/her opinion. Your friend would give his/her answer naturally.

On the other hand, if your friend tells a lie, he/she would not be able to speak specifically. They will stumble between words and try to talk around the issue instead of directly about it. .

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