What are the Personalities of a Leader?

When you read the history of great leaders of the world, do you know what personalities made them a leader? A lot of books say that to be a leader you need a vision. Yes, vision is vital to becoming a great leader, but to actually be a leader, you must know what to do with that vision.

Every great vision needs a well-thought plan to reach it and realize the change you seek. What will you do if nobody agrees with your plan and you have no one to lead?

Leadership is an art. It seems easy for those who already known how to be a leader. For those still learning to be leader, , it feels very difficult.  Though basic leadership personalities can be innate, they can also be learned and practiced to strengthen any leader.


A true leader is able to see his/her people’s perspective. You can make a lot of people follow you when you know what is inside their mind, whether it is their own dreams and passions or immediate needs.

A true leader becomes one with his/her people in order to know what their needs are. Most importantly, a leader should make sure their actions align with what they preach and teach.


The presence of a leader is not enough for his/her people. As we already explained before, a true leader should become one with his/her people. Though a leader should be confident in his/her actions and ideas, a true leader is humble and sees themselves as equal to their people.

One of the greatest leaders in the world was Mahatma Gandhi of India. He was a leader who was truly humble. With his humble spirit, Mahatma Gandhi led India to gain its independence.


Sir Winston Churchill once said, “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” Did you get the point?

The simpler the rules are for the people, the more effective the leader. Make your idea clear, simple and straight to the point in order to make your followers understand what you care about. If your ideas are too complex or convoluted, your words will have no meaning to anybody but yourself.


Being able to influence others can be happen only when you are a trusted and responsible leader.

1. Never mix up personal ambition and position
2. Have a good self-control
3. Show respect to others
4. Find single objective

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