How to Get Your Friends to Take Action

How do you feel when your thoughts and ideas do not turn into reality? What do you want to do when your friends, who become part of the plan, do not take a single action to implement it?

You start thinking, “What is the problem? How can I get my friends to stop procrastinating and take action?

Thinking about the solution is a more constructive and more mature way to approach the situation than grumbling or whining. This article is written for those who want to find ways to get their friends to take action.

1. Limit the Choices

When your friends have a lot of choices before they get confused and overwhelmed because they do not know which one would be the best decision.

If you limit their choices, they will be able to compare and contrast the options and make a good decision instead of being overloaded with too many ideas.

2. Give a Deadline

By giving a deadline to your friends, you just motivate them in three different ways:

·         Humans tend to procrastinate and wait until they have a better mood or more information. Setting deadlines will raise the levels of importance to their actions and will encourage them to act sooner rather than later.

·         Your friends will stay active in order to finish the tasks as soon as possible because they know that they will not have a second chance.

  • Time is a precious commodity that everyone has. Scarcity of time will increase the value of what needs to be done.

3. Start from Small Things

Try to start your journey or project from one small, concrete step. Set aside time to complete this step. Completing small tasks regularly is better than occasionally trying to accomplish big chunks at once.

4. Set a Good Example

Match your words with your actions. Exhibit self-confidence in the idea and express it in the way you speak and act.

Many leaders in history and today live out their own beliefs. Sir Winston Churchill is a great example of someone who showed daily confidence in his beliefs even when the Nazis were at their highest performance. He knew that he had to lead his people by example in order to give them hope to get through the harsh times.

5. Information Process

Tell to your friends how to do the task in an easy, simple and understandable way. The simpler the task, the easier it is to process the information and what needs to be done.

6. Bonus

Bonus offers add incentive to take action. Give the bonus to the one who completes their jobs with immediate action.

For example, you may offer ice cream, pizza or another treat to the first person who is willing to help you clean.


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