How to Know if Someone is Bluffing

Have you seen someone who pretends to be confident in order to deter the attention to somebody else? Have you been in an incident where someone was bluffing you? Have you ever had the feeling of being cheated? Knowing the reasons why someone is bluffing is important to give you an understanding about how to go about taking action.

We define someone as a bluffer (someone who is bluffing) when he/she pretends to dislike something even though he/she truly want it..
The key to find out whether someone is bluffing is to know that a bluffer tends to be too adamant in their opinion and become defensive about their feelings usually.
A bluffer’s attitude looks very clear if we take notice carefully of the way they speak and act.

For example, if your friend says they will leave a school organization unless he/she is given an important position, i.e., head of finance, how would you know if he/she really means his/her plan or it is just an empty threat
If your friend really means it, he/she would not be over confident. If your friend is calm or a little bit nervous about their decisions, their words are more likely genuine

If your friend is bluffing, you will be able to sense their over-confidence to hide the fact that they do not mean what they say. Your friend acts this way because he/she knows nothing will happen. Your friend actually does not want to leave the organization, but he/she tries to threaten leaving to get something better out of the organization.

Someone who has pride and confidence in their actions and words will not show off to his/her surroundings to prove a point.  Though confident, they will act calm and humbly, because they truly believe their decisions is correct.

On the other hand, someone who has no real confidence will act arrogantly   to cover his/her true feelings. This kind of person is just reveals his/her fake personality.

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