How to Initiate a friendship through Social Media

Do you use sites like Facebook or Twitter or Pintrest to make random friends, or do you actually take time to get to know a person?

Social media has been a trend among youth since the beginning of the 21st century. Social media makes people all around the world stay in contact. They can share their personal information and personal documents such as pictures or notes much faster.

There are many people whom use social media with no proper understanding of a good manner in the cyber world. Hence, establishing a friendship becomes a harder task.
If you do not want to become one of these jerks, here are several tips which might help you to initiate a friendship through social media.

Give Your True Identity

Hi, ladiesman101! Who do you think you are!? You are the one who wants to initiate a friendship, so you should probably use your true identity. A real name would also make your (almost) new friend easier to recognize you.

Never Ever Ask about Anything Which is Already Stated in the Profile

In the cyber world, there are so many “clever” people who ask dumb questions. This is one way to piss someone off.

Some samples of dumb questions are as follows:

“Hi, ASL (age sex location) please?”<< Please read the profile, it is already stated there, dude!

“Hello, what’s your name?” << Oh My Goodness, just go away to a kingdom far, far away!

Share the Same Interest

Do you have any specific interests? You should start friendships with those whom have similar interests as you. You may find these people from a group or community which supports your interest.

Mind Your Words

Be polite with your words. Your words reflect who you are.

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