Things that Will Annoy Your Facebook Friends

What do you do on Facebook? Stalk? Creep? Chat? There are a few things you may need to be aware of before you start to annoy your Facebook friends.
The following tips will allow you to have a deep knowledge about how to behave well in the internet world, and some of these may help you to behave better in the real world.

1. Annoying Status Updates

How many times does this mistake happen? “YOLO!” Don’t say stuff like that; this is one way to have yourself deleted permanently from a friends’ Facebook.

2. Publish embarrassing news on Facebook wall

If you know something embarrassing that happened to a friend over the weekend, the last thing you should do is post the news all over Facebook.

Be mature! Respect your friend and others who might be annoyed with your wall post. If you have personal problem with your friend, finish it privately.

3. Make an Insulting Group

This would be another sign of immaturity. Making an insulting group and then inviting all of your friends to join the group – DEFINITELY a bad way to maintain your friendship.

4. Join an Insulting Group

OK, you are not the person who creates the insulting group and you only receive an invitation. Do you have to accept the invitation?

When you join a group, not only everyone in the group can see it, but everyone else on your friend list can see this as well. Come on; be a little more discreet about your opinions.

5. Write Insulting Comments

What goes around comes around; You know what to do if you want to be recognized as a person with a good attitude.

6. Upload Embarrassing Photos

Uploading embarrassing photos of your friends could be fun…or could earn a click of a “delete” button.

7. Forget your old friends

Do you just add people that you don’t talk to anymore to gain social media points? How old are we now? Once you add someone, don’t just leave them anonymous creeping ability. Make sure you know them well enough. Either that or it’s time to go back to Myspace.

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