How to Make a Real Life Meeting with Your Internet Friend

So you met this person online, you have been talking to them for weeks on end, and your impatience is slowly starting to increase. All you can think about is meeting this person.Soon, you think about how to ask your internet friend to have a real life meeting with you politely.

However, despite your interest in meeting this person, you remember being taught the importance of internet safety. This jogs your mind of the endless possibilities that may occur, such as being kidnapped, murdered, raped, or beaten up.

Then you snap back to reality, and just ask her to meet.

The following are some tips that may help you to stay safe when meeting your internet friend.

True Identity

What else can we give about the importance of this issue? Be honest and truthful about your identity from the beginning. Otherwise, you are no different from other crooks and internet criminals.

Same Interest

Do you have the same interests as your internet friend? Maybe you both like seeing movies, jogging, sightseeing, or many others. So, try to talk these similar interests with your internet friend. Once you are able to have a deep conversation about this matter, you may ask him/her to have a real life meeting.

It is suggested that you have your meeting involving one of these interests; a game plan will always be successful when going on a blind date.

Public Place Meeting

When you pick a place to meet with your internet friend, choose a public place. Why do you have to do this? Surely to foster and create the suitable and secure feeling within your internet friend’s heart. The feeling of more people being around may be less awkward for the person you are meeting.

Also, if the person you are meeting is not “real”, meeting in a public place will ensure safety since multiple people will be around. If they ask to meet in a park or at a house, refuse until you know them better.

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