How to Deal with a Possessive Mate

If you have a possessive mate, you will need to know how to deal with him/her. Maybe you already know that the best way to deal with a possessive mate is not to make him/her gets jealous. The problem is a possessive mate can get jealous at the drop of a hat. Hopefully these tips will help you to deal with your possessive mate.

Try to find out why they get jealous

The reasons why your possessive mate gets jealous might change according to the circumstances and may fluctuate in relation to his/her sensitivity levels too.  Use this as a chance to increase your maturity and understanding towards your possessive mate.

Avoid things that will make your possessive mate jealous

If you know a certain situation or behavior is a trigger to their possessiveness, try to avoid it.  Watch your manners when dealing with them as well.  If you show them respect, they should show you respect in return.

Make yourself easily accessible

You should be easy to get a hold of as some possessive people can fly off the handle when they can’t reach you. This action would also be useful to reduce his/her anxiety.

Introduce your possessive mate to your friends

This is important. This way whenever your possessive mate sees you go with your opposite sex friends, he/she knows them already.

Ask your possessive mate to accompany you when you go out

Asking your possessive mate to hang out with you would be useful for him/her to know about your world better and would reduce his/her jealousy levels.

Give your possessive mate more time

Maybe, one of the reasons why your possessive mate gets jealous is because he/she needs more attention from you. Just make sure that you are enjoying the time you spend with one another.

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