Attracting the Opposite Sex with Body Language

Body language is a universal language, one that speaks much louder than words at times.  This is one of the main reasons why it is important to listen to the words being spoken and pay attention to the body language to see if they match up to help you figure out their real intention.

If you are interested in someone, you should be mindful of how to perform the right body language to attract the opposite sex. Let’s start with some examples of body languages and their meaning below.

Eye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul. If you are interested in someone, glance at them casually.  Once they glance back at you, look away as to not stare.  This will let them know that you are interested by checking them out, but not overly intimidating by staring.


Your appearance is an integral part of your body language, whether you like it or not because people tend to judge others according to their appearance. This sounds unfair but you need take it into consideration when choosing your outfit and pulling yourself together before heading out.

Hand Movement

Keeping your hand relax is a signal that you open to everyone. You can touch your hair or touch a glass casually, just make sure you remain relaxed and calm.


Make sure you face your opposite sex directly in order to make a sign of interest.

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