Mistakes in a New Relationship

Congratulation on your new relationship! Starting out, you probably want this relationship to last a long time.  Therefore, you should make proper plans to make your relationship run as smooth as possible. These are several mistakes that happen frequently in new relationships.

Lack of Commitment

Lack of commitment usually describes teens’ relationship. Hence, a lot of teens’ relationship ends in a short time. You and your mate should have a commitment to make your relationship lasts a long time from the very beginning.

The reasons why you need strong commitment since your early days of relationship is because there will be a lot of temptations in a relationship. A strong commitment from both sides will guarantee the relationship grows stronger with time

No Understanding

You are different people, both physically and emotionally. The reason why a lot of relationships end quickly is because there’s no understanding between one another. Each side wants to dominate the other, being selfish which pushes a relationship towards the end more quickly.

A strong bond in a relationship happens when there is understanding from each side. You may take an example from your parents or other couples who have married or together for a longtime. Ask them about the secret of a good relationship and you will usually hear, “Understanding each other”.

Zero Two Way Communication

Usually in a new relationship, everything runs smoothly. As time goes by, problems appear. Lack of communication would be another major reason why so many teens’ relationships end in a short period of time. When problems appear, an open communication with both parties is vital to ensuring the longevity of a relationship. It would be better for you both to conduct a two-way communication from the onset of the relationship even for simple things, such as choosing a movie, studying, or cooking together.

Hopefully, this advice is helpful for you to create a strong foundation in your new relationship.

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