Relationship Mistakes

Do you feel successful in your relationship? If you don’t, it may be due to some mistakes that you have made, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes, these mistakes will ruin the entire of your relationship, even if you feel you did them for a good purpose because your other half might feel hurt due to your mistakes. Then, what mistakes that we should avoid in a relationship? The following points may become examples.
“I will love you till I die”
Sound good for a song, but it is definitely bad in the real world. What’s the point of saying, “I will love you till I die”?  It can come off as over done or exaggerated and insincere or worse, as a sign of possessiveness. Sorry guys, this is too much. Be realistic!
“I cannot live without you”
Again, these words sound overly dramatic and too big of a statement.  This can come off as smothering to your partner.  Try to be a bit more laid back and nonchalant in your expressions of commitment.
“You are my everything”
Do you want to put all of your attention to your mate? So illogical! Do not be so obsessive toward something; otherwise you will hurt yourself in the long run.
“I will give everything I own”
Probably, this relationship mistake would be the most fatal of them all, especially for girls. We do not have to explain further about this since you are able to see your surroundings regarding to negative implications of “I will give everything I own”.

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