5 Flirting Tips

Few people are totally gifted! Those who fall in this category   are just born flirts. Flirting comes naturally to them. But, for the rest of the world you’ll have to work on it. Flirting is an art, and if practiced properly you could be the most charming person ever! If you are the shy type, but would like to nail on that sweet cute guy or that pretty girl, then you could consider these very simple basic flirting tips.

5 Simple Tips

1.  Eye- Contact! The eyes say it all! They are a secret way to convey a message. Eye contact can totally get you the attention, but the trick to having that perfect across-the-room eye contact is to gently look at the person you are interested in, and then look away. It’s all about looking and looking back! You can do this sequence for a couple of times. If you get noticed, if the person looks back when you are looking at him/her, there could be a good chance that the person might be interested in you. When this happens, just give a sweet touch of your award winning charming smile…and the rest shall be history.
2. Give clear Signals! Unless the other person is also flirty, it’s not fair to flirt with someone just for the heck of it. It’s important that you convey what you mean. Let them know at what level you want to get involved in.
3. Be interested in getting to know them! Yes! You are talking to this person for the first time, and you want them to know all about you. But blabbering about yourself might push them away. So, put on your patience cap and try to get to know them better. You can pose some open-ended questions; do anything, but try to get to know them.
4. The beauty of – Emoting! We know you like being showered with compliments! You’ll have to return the favor back, but stick to giving genuine compliments. We don’t want to overdo it right?
5. Be yourself! Well, be it for flirting or anything else, the first and foremost thing is having your head firmly over your shoulders. Confidence is good, showing that it is all in you. . Don’t be like the chameleon which changes colors according to the situation. Show how you are, and if the other person likes it… Bingo! You’ve made it!

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