Teenagers and Alcohol Abuse: Effects of Alcohol

According to a study, teenagers prefer to consume alcohol mainly in social events, and they do not prefer drinking alone. Peer influence is the main reason which leads a teenager to booze. Emotional problems among teens can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

Most of the teenagers in the United States use drugs and alcohol frequently. Almost half of junior high school and senior high school students abuse alcohol. About 14% of the teens get intoxicated at least once in a year. Teenagers binge on alcohol and drink at least five or more alcoholic drinks at a time.

According to a study done in 1990, two thirds of the teens use drugs and alcohol to help them forget their problems. Dysfunctional nature of the family lifestyle is the main psychological problem faced by teens. This is also the main factor that leads to drinking.

Effects of Alcohol:

  • Alcohol has a very dangerous effect on teenagers, and it decreases their ability to concentrate on whatever they do.
  • Most of the teens die in accidents due to the consumption of alcohol before driving or while driving.
  • Most of the teens who start drinking at a very early age develop suicidal tendencies.
  • Excess alcohol can cause anxiety and depression.
  • Teenagers tend to lose concentration, and may not perform well in academics.
  • They are always found irritated and argumentative over small and simple issues.

Symptoms of Alcohol Intoxication

  • The main symptom that indicates whether person is intoxicated is the smell of alcohol on the skin and breath.
  • A teenager’s eyes turn bloodshot red and they get unusually passive or argumentative.
  • Other symptoms include memory loss and flushed skin.


  • Alcoholism can be treated with the help of few medications. Zofran is a type of drug which is effectively used in treating alcoholism among teenagers who start drinking before they turn 25. Naltrexone is another medication which also works effectively in treating alcoholism. Trexan, Revia and Vivitrol are types of Naltrexone.
  • These medications decrease the urge to abuse alcohol by blocking the body’s high response to alcohol
  • Teenagers should be educated about the effects and risks of abusing alcohol by conducting counseling sessions regularly.


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  1. alchohol abuse would always lead to liver cancer if not properly treated .

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