Teenage Drug Abuse: Drugs, Effects, Warning Signs

In today’s age and time, teenagers are most likely to abuse drugs and alcohol due to their easy availability. Most of the teenagers try out drugs according to drug statistics from National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is shocking to know that teenagers as young as 13 years old often try powerful drugs like Cocaine. Most of the time teenagers find themselves under peer pressure and continue to experiment with drugs, though they try themselves to control the urge to do so.

Teenagers abuse drugs as a casual way to have fun without realizing the negative effects that can arise after the intense use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Casual usage of drugs can develop into long term addiction. Very few teenagers realize that they have crossed the line from casual use to addiction. But, by then, it is already too late. Teenagers abusing drugs develop health problems, poor academics, experience memory loss and often suffer from unpredictable mood swings.

Drugs mostly used by Teenagers:

In addition to alcohol, teenagers abusetobacco productslike cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.They also abuse drugs known as Cannabinoids likeMarijuanaandHashish.

These drugs are also known as Pot, Mary Jane, Weed and Herb, and are smoked in a Joint, Bong, Blunt or pipe. Cold medications like Sudafed and Benadryl are the drugs mostly used by the teenagers.
Inhalants likeGasolineand Ammoniaare often used for huffing.


Effects of Drugs on Teens

Drug abuse among teenagers can have the following effects:

  • The ability to pay attention on anything gets reduced.
  • Drugs abuse can cause emotional problems like anxiety, depression, mood swings and hallucinations.
  • Teens can develop suicidal or homicidal tendencies.
  • Steroid use may result in baldness, stunted growth, heart attacks, liver diseases, strokes, cancer, infections and acne.

Warning Signs of Drug Abuse:

  • Lingering smell of tobacco, discolored fingertips, lips or teeth and irritability are the warning signs for the usage of tobacco products.
  • Reddened eyes, excessive hunger, sleepiness, lack of motivation, paranoia and excessive happiness are the signs of the usage of Cannabinoids.
  • Sleepiness, slowed or rapid heart rate are the signs of cold medications abuse.
  • Runny nose, smell of gasoline or solvents, irritability and confusion are the signs of the usage of Inhalants.

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  1. It’s sad to know that prohibited drugs are not only popular to adults but even to teenagers. I guess one way to help them become free from drugs is by the help of their family. After all, family problems are one of the main causes why teenagers become depressed and resort to using drugs.

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