Teens and Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery and Things to Consider

Teenagers opt for plastic surgeries to improve their physical appearance that they feel awkward about. They have different kinds of motivations and goals that force them to undergo a plastic surgery. The most common surgeries preferred by teens are for misshapen nose, protruding ear, severe acne and scarring. When a teen’s physical problems are corrected, he/she gains confidence and self-esteem.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) performed more than 219,000 cosmetic plastic surgeries on teenagers according to a study made in 2008. Plastic surgery does not suit every teenager and it is very important that he know the limitations of the surgery.

Teenagers should keep in mind that plastic surgeries carry some risks along with great benefits.

Plastic Surgery

It involves the surgery to alter a person’s appearance and the ability to function. The word ‘plastic’ comes from a Greek word, Plastikos, and this means either to form or to mold something. Plastic surgery involves both reconstructive as well as cosmetic procedures. Reconstructive method involves correction of the defects on the face or body. This surgery involves correction of the lips, dog bites, burns and ear deformities.

Cosmetic procedures involve the alteration of parts of the body. This involves the reshaping of the nose and removal of pockets of fat from certain spots of the body. The last cosmetic procedure is popularly known as Liposuction.  This procedure involves special lasers particularly for unwanted hair removal, and for the improvement of scarring of the skin.

Few Things to Consider:

  • Teenagers should always keep in mind that they are considering the surgery for themselves, and not for pleasing anyone.
  • They should keep in mind that they can get into good shape through proper exercise and weight control programs, without undergoing any surgery.
  • Plastic surgeries involve greater risks and may even fail most of the times.
  • Plastic surgeons avoid such kind of surgeries on teens who suffer from depression and mental health problems.

The more we try to maintain the natural beauty of our bodies, the better we feel with ourselves.

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