Raising a Teenager: Areas of Conflict and How to Raise a Teen

Parents often realize that raising a teenager is the most difficult challenge. Most of the time teenagers feel that parents do not understand their feelings. They get depressed, confused and prefer being alone while battling with their hormonal changes and a complex world. They find themselves questioning everything right from their identity, sexual behavior, peers, drugs and alcohol.

Parents find it very hard to accept such kind of behavior from their teenagers. They get frustrated and annoyed that their teens do not value or respond to parental authority. They also feel helpless in what concerns the decisions taken by their teens. It is very important for every parent to communicate with their teens in order to understand them better.

Areas where Conflicts Arise:

  • Choice of friends and spending more time with them rather than family might be the biggest area of concern, because this may cause conflicts between a teenager and his parents.
  • School or work performance, driving privileges, dating and disputes over the rules framed by parents are the issues that can build and deepen the gap between parents and teens.
  • Make-up, hairstyles, clothing, alcohol, drugs, tobacco are again conflict raising issues at home.

How to Raise a Teen:

  • Parents should try to understand the changes their teenagers go through as they try to create a new identity for themselves and become self-conscious about it.
  • Parents should not be carried away by the behavior of their teens. Instead, stay firm by setting rules and ensure that your teen follows them by getting the homework done.
  • The best way to deal with your teen is to try to relate yourself with him/her, and to inquire about the dangers and issues that haunt every one of them.
  • Help your teen to trust you by assuring him/her that every individual faces failure, and try to be honest with him/her.
  • Spend more time with your teenager! Help him/her out with the things he/she is interested in. This will help in building a bond and will help you know things about your teen.

Raising a teenager is both a difficult and beautiful activity. It’s all about your strength and power to resist in front of the issues you may encounter.

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