Hair Loss in Teenagers: Causes of Hair Loss

Usually, adults are the main victims of hair loss problems. But in recent times, teens are also experiencing this problem. Hair loss in teenagers at a young age is not normal by any chance. The causes of hair loss in teenagers are different from the normal causes. The main cause of hair loss among teenagers is due to stress and hormonal imbalances. Hair loss indicates that he/she is suffering from medical problems and it is important to seek medical help.

Traumatic conditions also lead to balding at any age. The condition of hair loss or balding in teenagers is known asAlopecia Areata. This condition forms one or two inch circular bald spots on the scalp. However, there is a promising chance of teenagers regaining their normal hair growth with the help of medications, which are useful in treating hair loss.

Causes of Hair loss:

Along with Alopecia Areata, Tinea Capitis is another cause of hair loss among teenagers. This condition is known as Scalp Ringworm. This is a kind of fungus that is responsible for broken hair, affected scalp and patches of hair loss. This infection is contagious and needs to be treated with a proper anti-fungal shampoo.
Traction Alopecia is a kind of hair loss that affects less number of teenagers. This can be caused due to excess usage of hair drier, bleach treatments, teasing, tight hairstyles, pulling of hair, heat treatments and curling. It can be avoided by stopping the usage of these kinds of hair treatments.
Teenagers lose hair at a very early age of 14 and losing hair at this age is known as Male Pattern Baldness.  This is a condition that causes baldness among teenagers at a very early stage.

Trichotillomania is another cause of hair loss among teenagers. This condition occurs due to the compulsion of pulling one’s own hair. This causes irregular patches on the scalp. It is a habit among teenagers to pull out the hair while studying, sleeping, before falling asleep, while watching television etc. This condition responds to spontaneously treatments by consciously controlling the urge to pull out hair.

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