Teenage Anger Management: Causes, Risk Factors and Management

Teenagers find it very difficult to fight against their dominating and turbulent emotions. Teenage phase is very critical in every individual’s life. Some find it difficult to manage their temper and emotions while others easily scrape through this kind of problems. Anger management in teens will help them recognize the effects of their uncontrolled anger.

In a way or another, teenagers get frustrated, and everything is due to peer pressures from parents, teachers, friends and relationships. Parents should teach them methods to deal with their emotions and anger in a positive and constructive way. Angry and frustrated teenagers are increasing in number across the globe.

Teenagers do not realize the effects of their anger, and parents mistake it as being a part of the growing up process. Most of the parents do not realize that it is a condition meant to be treated with proper techniques for managing the anger in teenagers.


  • Anger among the teens is mainly caused by the destructive behavior of their parents or friends that has a direct influence upon them, physical abuse and verbal lashings.
  • Some teenagers vent their anger by sulking or by walking away from the place or the group they belong.
  • Problems in families and relationships..
  • Frustration, rejection, pressure and failure are other causes that determine an angry character.

Risk Factors:

The risk factors may include:

  • Losing temper frequently over small issues and usage of drugs and alcohol.
  • Damaging the property, failure to acknowledge the feelings of others and gang affiliations.
  • Arguments and fights for simple issues contribute to the risk factors.

How to Manage Anger?

  • The very first step a teenager should follow to control his/her anger is to try to understand the root cause of anger.
  • Parents should try to help their teens to find the underlying factors that lead them to lose control. Controlling the temper shows the maturity level in a teenager.
  • Teenagers can control their anger by keeping themselves calm and quite.
  • Yoga and Breathing techniques help teenagers to control their outbreaks and emotions.
  • Teens can also pursue their favorite sport in order to keep them occupied.
  • Walking away from an uncomfortable situation may also help in controlling anger.
  • Parents should appreciate and reward their teen for his/her conscious effort in controlling anger.

As time flies, the following of the above mentioned tips can easily overcome anger and also learns the teen to control it effectively.

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