Teenage Weight Loss Tips: Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Parents have to come up with creative ways to encourage their teens to adopt healthy ways of fighting obesity and the problems associated with it. According to a study, over12.5 million teenagers suffer from obesity and its related problems. Teens who are overweight have to cope up with teasing, verbal abuse, social isolation and emotional torture. They need support from their parents who can help in creating a healthy home environment. A parent should not give up on his/her teen, and should not nag him/her always. Instead, give him/her space! It is always better to talk to your teen about the pros and cons of being overweight. As parents, all their states of mind rely on our total support.  We should help them to feel good about themselves by cultivating their assets and strengths.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens:-

The following are some healthy weight loss tips for teenagers which will be helpful in losing the extra pounds easily:


Teenagers are often seen munching potato chips at any moment of the day! One potato chip consists of 10 calories and a gram of fat. Substituting potato chips with carrot will be of great help. If carrots are substituted with for about 12 chips for five weeks, then, every teenager can save up to 600 calories. Carrots will help at their turn in reducing 9 pounds within a year.


It is very important to brush your teeth after every meal because it sends a signal to your stomach that you are done eating. Another benefic effect is that it makes your breath fresh. This will also help you avoid chewing gums or mints that are made up of sugar. This trick will stop the craving to eat something sweet after every meal.


Teenagers should try and limit their snacking time to 10 or 20 minutes only and immediately brush their teeth as soon as they are done.


Teenagers should make it a point to drink unsweetened cups of tea or coffee before a workout. This will help in burning a greater number of calories.


On an average, every person eats about half a pound of sugar everyday. Regular consumption of sugar can lead to obesity problems. It is always advisable for teenagers to look for foods that have less than 5 milligrams of sugar per serving.


Drinking eight glasses of water daily will help every teenager to increase his/her metabolism. Every teenager should a glass of water before and after every meal and workouts.

Health is the most important element in our lives. We have to take as much care as we can of it.

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