Summer Dresses for Teens: Dresses for summer

Sunscreen, glares, wearing cool light dresses and flip flop sandals are the indicators of summer time. This wonderful and long waited season gives the perfect opportunity to experiment with different kinds of summer outfits. Every teenager looks for comfort when it comes to the sultry summer weather. Comfy T-shirts, cool capris, short skirts and halter-tops are mostly preferred by teens.

Summer dress is one of the most important things in a teenager’s wardrobe. They may range from modest varieties to the super stylish outfits that come in different ranges of interesting fabrics. Teenagers can use their creativity to come up with the best outfits that look real stunning and with which they can flaunt all through summer.

Summer Dresses for Teens:

Shirt Dress

  • Shirt dress will make any teenager look cool, and it is very comfortably to carry it.
  • This kind of dress is designed to look like a shirt which is longer than a normal one, and a belt is used to match up withit. .
  • Shirt dress can be paired with slim fit pants and a pair of heels to get the casual look at high school.
  • Shirt dress can be worn with leggings or it can be teamed up with knee-high boots which will definitely give you the cool chic look for an evening outing.

Puff Dress

  • Puff dress brings more attention to your arms and legs. It fits perfectly on the upper part of the body, and falls gently to cover up the hips.
  • Most of the teenagers prefer this kind of dress because of its comfort.
  • Puff dress has colorful prints which look ideal for day wear.
  • A white brimmed hat combined with a puff dress will be perfect for a day out at the beach.

Shift Dress

  • Shift dress can make you look stylish, elegant and can never go out of fashion. Clean cuts pattern for this dress gives teenagers a very smart look.
  • This dress can be worn by combining it with a pair of flats, in order to look casual. Team this dress with heels in order to give a professional touch on your look.
  • These dresses are generally worn at mid-thigh length, and were a fashion statement in the late 50′s.

Strapless Dress

  • Teenagers can make a style statement by wearing strapless dresses.
  • Solid colors with bold prints would make you look elegant and cool. Strapless dresses teamed up with glittering accessories or shimmering shrug look perfect for night time.

Tube Dress

  • It is a figure hugging fit which is very comfortable. They come in either knee length or below the knee length, and its design is simple.
  • Tube dress teamed up with a pair of flats and a tote bag will be perfect to hit the beach.

Things to Remember during summer:

  • Lip-gloss will blend well with any kind of summer outfits. For a perfect pout, apply a base of lipstick and spread some gloss over it.
  • Flats will help your feet breathe easily in hot weather. Strappy slippers look really pretty and cool with summer dresses.
  • To protect your skin, wear a hat and this will definitely make you look like a style goddess.
  • To jazz up your summer dress, team up a tote bag with snazzy glares which will surely make a style statement.
  • Always choose summer clothes with bright and happy colors!



Summer is the best season to get out and have a lot of fun! Enjoying it is like enjoying all your life’s pleasures!

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