Signs of Teenage Depression: Warning Signs of Depression

Teenagers go through lots of psychological, emotional, physical and social changes in their life stages. Depression is the most common problem faced by most of the teenagers. Teenage depression may occur due to various reasons like stress, pressure at school, strained relations with family, abusive relationship etc.

Teenage depression may also be caused by stress, trauma, genetics, medical conditions and environment. A teenager goes through mixed kind of emotions like excitement, craziness, adventure, learning and fun. Any sign of teenage depression should raise questions, and your teenager must meet a specialist.

Warning Signs of Depression:

The warning signs of teenage depression are:

  • Teenagers going through depression find and take things more negatively. They do not realize the fact that any problem can be resolved easily, and in a positive way.
  • Depressed teenagers are always found to be agitated, irritated and are restless over small issues.
  • Appetite changes! Teenagers usually experience increase in the appetite or loss of appetite.
  • Lack of concentration! They find it hard to concentrate over things, and often get confused in making decisions.
  • Memory loss, fatigue, hopelessness, self-hatred and sadness.
  • Loss of interest! They feel worthless and find no pleasure in fun activities.
  • They often talk about death or suicide and suffer from sleeping disorders. They can also have trouble while sleeping. They sleep excessively or they sleep during the day.

Other Warning Signs

  • Teenagers suffering from depression experience changes in their behavior also.
  • They go through unusual defiance and acting-out behaviors such as missing curfews.
  • Indulging them in criminal behavior such as shoplifting.
  • Teenagers falter in grades and school performance and avoid being in a group.
  • Irresponsible towards everything related to life.
  • Starting abusing alcohol and other illegal substances. Teenagers withdraw themselves from friends and family, and they always want to spend time alone.

Teenage is the period of contrasts. But, with all these, any kind of abnormality must be revised by an authorized person.

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