Drunk Driving Teenagers: Facts and Causes of Teenage Drinking

The teen years involve a mixture of emotions. These emotions can come from outside sources, such as peers. Some teenagers face peer pressure on a number of issues. Teen drinking represents one of these issues. Education is a key factor in controlling teenage drunk driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, teen-related drink driving incidents is a leading cause of death. Teens between the ages of 15 and 20 face the highest level of accidents.  t

Teen Drinking and Driving Facts:

Drinking and driving have become common among teenagers in the United States of America. Teenagers find it difficult to concentrate and co-ordinate while driving under the influence of alcohol. It leads to distortion of vision, slowing down of reflexes, loss of co-ordination and poor judgment, which eventually leads to road accidents. Moreover, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that common accident days are Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Most of the teenagers drink alcohol either before or while driving and most of them are inexperienced drivers.

Causes of Teenage Drinking

Influence of Alcoholic Parents:

Behavior of parents influence teenagers in many ways and has a considerable effect on their minds. Disturbed teens tend to drink alcohol as a way of escapism. Teenagers often have a misconception that they can ape their parents.

Teenagers Think It is Cool:

Particular groups can heavily influence teenage drinking. For instance, a party-type high school environment can lead to more drinking and driving. Some teenagers find driving under the influence exciting. Unfortunately, it can take losing friends and classmates to stop the behavior. a

Problems in Love Life:

Teenagers get demoralized when they face problems in their relationships. They opt for alcohol to forget their worries and effects of break ups. A counselor can provide more effective solutions to relationship problems, such as communication.


Youngsters do not realize the negative effects of alcohol and soon become addictive to it. Parents must keep the lines of communication open. They must show their teenagers that drinking is not a good solution.

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