Teenage Party Themes: Birthday and College Party Themes

Most teenagers love to party. Some teenagers enjoy hosting different parties, such as birthdays and school dances. They know that a great party can make them more popular. Moreover, hosting a party can make them feel like adults. On average, teenagers want to have parties that are memorable and fun-filled. A good party theme can help. A typical party theme involves tasty food, good music and exciting activities. Here are some possible teenage party themes:

Birthday Party Themes for Girls:

Toga Party Theme:

This theme is a great choice for birthday parties. This theme involves being dressed either in simple bed sheets tied as togas or the ancient Roman costumes. Fountain invitations or handmade scrolls can be used as party invitations. This party involves decorations in hues of white and gold. Venue can be decorated with gold paint with vines and drapes. Activities like award for best accessories, Roman goddess lookalikes and costumes can be conducted.

Spa Party Theme:

Few teenage girls do not enjoy getting pampered. A spa party theme is a great choice. This involves aromatherapy, soothing massages, pedicures and relaxing manicures and warm mud wraps. Venue for the party can be decorated with fluffy white towels, number of green plants, fresh fragrant flowers and aroma candles. To complete the look, include a small electronic waterfall and lots of blankets and pillows.

Cool Birthday Party Theme for Boys

Pool Party Theme:

This kind of theme is a great idea for birthday parties and it does not require any fancy decorations. Accessories like bamboo accents, tiki torches and tropical flowers can be used to give the Hawaiian touch to the pool. Place chaise lounges along with brightly colored towels along the pool for the guests to sit and relax. Place sunscreens and cooling drinks next to the chaise lounges. The pool can be decorated with bright beach balls and you can conduct activities like water polo and beach volleyball.

College Party Themes

Halloween Theme Party:

This is a perfect theme for college parties where the guests have to be dressed up like bats, spooky spiders, ghosts, vampires, scarecrows, witches or monsters. Include barbecue parties and add a haunted look to the venue.

80′s Theme:

All guests can wear wonderful costumes, such as flannel shirts and neon pants. Women can highlight their beauty with feathered hairstyles. Men can enjoy a Mohawk look to their hair. They can even dress up in retro disco or glam rock costumes.

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