Blood Pressure in Teens: Causes and How to Prevent Blood Pressure

High blood pressure in U.S. teens represents a common problem. For these teens, high pressure can lead to other health issues, such as heart disease. Blood pressure levels differ among teens based on age. For example, a 15-year-old teen has an average blood pressure of 125/79.. There are different causes for high blood pressure in teens. The following represents typical causes:

Causes of Teenage Blood Pressure

  • Hormonal changes can increase blood pressure.
  • Family history can lead to teens with higher blood pressure.
  • Excess stress may lead to teens with higher blood pressure levels.
  • Inadequate sleep and high blood pressure have a co-relationship.

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure in Teens

The prevention of teen high blood pressure is critical. Teens and their families can reduce the chances of blood pressure-related problems. For instance, teens should explore healthier diets. Their diets should include a combination of fruits and vegetables. Here are other ways to reduce high blood pressure:

  • Teens should not smoke.
  •  Teens should engage in a form of exercise each week. They should exercise for at least 20 minutes (for 3 days per week).
  • They should limit the usage of drugs and alcohol intake.

If a teen does receive a diagnosis of high blood pressure, their treatment options are similar to adult-related options. A qualified medical professional can review the teen’s treatment choices. For example, the medical professional may prescribe medication and exercise.

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