Long Hairstyles for Teenager Girls

There are different kinds of styling options for long hairstyles for teenagers. Most of the teenage girls find trouble in maintaining the length of hair which either reaches the waist or beyond it. They want to sport exciting hairstyles without cutting away their hair. There are different and beautiful styles which will work wonders for long hair and is not difficult to look after.

Easy Long Hairstyles for Teenage Girls


This style includes French or Dutch braids along with the ordinary Plaited braid and they are the most versatile among the hairstyling groups. Teenagers can look cute by sporting two braids, one on each side. The french or the dutch braids pull hair strands one by one into a braid, giving the hair a lovely plaited effect on the scalp. Braid hairstyle helps in keeping the hair away from knotting or breaking, which eventually leads to split ends.

Bun or Knot:

This kind of hairstyles look elegant and lovely on long hair. Classic bun and the braided bun are two types of hairstyles. The classic bun can be sported by pulling the hair onto the head, twisted around and pinned firmly in place. Braided bun is sported by coiling the braided hair into a bun. However, braided bun has a disadvantage as it is very heavy to sport and can cause headache.


Most of the teenagers with long hair think that sporting a ponytail is impossible which is not true, because there are many different kinds of hairstyles that work for long hair. Pulling the hair into a low ponytail on the nape of the neck is one of the coolest and most beautiful ways of wearing long hair. Pulling the top most layer of the hair into a ponytail and leaving the rest of the hair loose is another type of sporting a lovely ponytail.

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