Teenage Mood Swings: Biological and Emotional Factors

Teenage mood swings are caused due to various




factors. Teenagers go through a period of stress and feel irritable and confused most of the time. Spiritual, cultural and familial factors contribute to mood swings among teenagers. A teenager’s mood swings affects the family and can also be a source of anger, frustration and distress for everyone. They go through a period of tough transition or change and mood swings are part of growing up.

Biological Factors:

  • The brain in children reaches almost 90% of its complete size by the age of six and it is responsible for planning, judgement and self-control.
  • During the process of the development of the brain, teenagers go through very strong passions, emotions and they are no mechanisms in the brain to control these emotions. This biological feature is one of the main reasons for mood swings in teenagers.
  • The body of a teenager goes through a many changes, both physical and mental, along with the production of sex hormones and is another major cause of mood swings in teenagers. Teenagers may feel strange, confused and uncomfortable about the physical changes.

Emotional Factors:

  • Teenagers at this age cannot deal with anxieties, frustrations and pressures in life on their own.
  • Like adults, they do not have mechanisms to cope up with their emotions and their lives become more complicated, so they prone to react emotionally to the situations.
  • Teenagers are preoccupied with identity formation and think of living separately form their parents, which can causes frustration and confusion leading to mood swings.

How to Deal Mood Swings in Teenagers:

  • Sometimes, mood swings can make a teenager feel out of control and uncomfortable. If they are severely abnormal or prolonged, then teenagers should seek a professional immediately.
  • They should talk to any of their friend who has faced or who is going through the same situation. This can help them feel that they are not abnormal and crazy.
  • They should try looking at situations from different point of view which can help them to fight their mood swings to some extent.
  • Teenagers should make it a point to exercise regularly. Exercise releases a chemical called Endorphin which helps in regulating mood and eases frustration.
  • Teenagers should divert their mind by getting creative and taking complete rest by maintaining regular sleep time.

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