Sex Education for Teenagers: Sex Education for Boys ands Girls.

Sex education for teenagers is very important as it promotes sexual awareness and safe sex practices. Teenagers need correct or accurate information about sexuality and sex life in order to have a good, healthy and safe sexual relationship. Education on sex should consist of wide range of topics from relationships, biology, sex and reproduction, contraception, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections(STI). Teenagers get influenced by their parents very easily and they should educate them to avoid situations of unintended pregnancy and unwanted sex. Poor sex education can expose teenagers to stories and images about sex in their day to day life.

Sex Education for Teenage Boys:

  • Most of the parents find it difficult to talk to their teen boys about sex. It is very important for them to know when sex is consensual and when it is not.
  • As their urges are natural and normal, it is the responsibility of every parent to educate their teenage boys that when sex is not consensual then it is called Rape. Parents should be straight with their teens about sex. Media confuses teenagers about sex and parents can use this to remind their teens that sex does not change a boy into a man.
  • Parents should educate and advice their teens to avoid sex or any kind of sexual activities when there are body and mind-altering substances around.

Sex Education for Teenage Girls:

  • Mothers can educate their teenage daughters about sex as they have more questions about this subject.
  • Teenage girls might be aware of the risks of AIDS but not about sexually transmitted diseases. Mothers should always take an active stance when it comes to sex education.
  • This will help teen girls from becoming sexually active and help them from early experimentation.
  • Sex education can reduce the risk of high sexual behavior and promotes birth control successfully.
  • Peers and friends also play an important role in talking about the pros and cons of sex. One wrong advice could prove disastrous.

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