Typical Teen Behaviors

A typical teen usually goes through a great deal of emphasis of emotional, social and physical changes that are accompanied by uncertainty and confusion. Most of the parents find some of their teen’s behavior and attitude to be a problem. Parents find a teen’s behavior strange and unique. Teenagers try out different things in this age like odd body piercing, dyed hair, strange music, new friends and they even try out alcohol and drugs. These changes in a teen’s behavior can be due to many developments that occur due to body chemistry.

Few Typical Teen Behaviors


Most of the teenagers try to change their personal style and look to fit into a specific group of peers or to match up with the trend. In order to look cool and stylish, they try out extreme fashion such as facial piercings, risque clothing, or baggy clothing. Parents should make sure that their teen daughters maintain healthy eating habits as their obsession with weight will only result in dramatic weight loss. They should make sure that these changes are not due to radical behavior and that they are not accompanied by any kind of other disturbances of regular activities.

Family Withdrawal:

It is very common for teenagers to withdraw from family life. They dedicate most of their time to other social groups or peers and they look out to get an approval from friends. They try to show their individualism to a certain level to show that they are grown up. Most of the teenagers do not prefer talking to their parents or they do not want to be seen in public along with their parents. They become aggressive and defensively argumentative when they are troubled.


Arguments between teenagers and parents increase due to many other reasons which include power struggle. Teenagers seek more freedom from their parents and this is quite a normal behavior among teenagers. They become violent or try to over escalate the situation when they are seriously troubled.

Emotional Ups and Downs:

These are very common among teenagers due to hormonal changes. Their life is filled with magnified emotional responses and uncertainty.

Drugs and Alcohol:

Teens try out and experiment with different kinds of drugs and alcohol and this might lead to addiction and poor academic performance.

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