Teenage Pregnancy Risks: Medical Risks and How to Lower Them

In today’s age, most of teenage girls get pregnant even before they begin their menstruation every year. They should be aware or should be educated about teenage pregnancy risks. Menstrual cycle for a teenage girl begins between the age of 11 and 16. During this, the overall growth of a girl is not yet complete. Pregnancy during this period will only lead to serious health risks to the child as well as themselves. Risks of teenage pregnancy include injuring of spine and pelvic bone and high risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Medical Risks and Realities

Lack of Prenatal Care:

Pregnant teenage girls may go through a rough time if the do not get any kind of support from their parents. Prenatal care is very important as well as critical in the initial months of pregnancy. Lack of prenatal care can lead to medical problems both for mother and baby.

Folic Acid

is a prenatal vitamin which is usually taken before pregnancy and this will prevent birth defects like neural tube defects.

High Blood Pressure:

The risks of high blood pressure in parenting teens are very high and this condition is known as

Pregnancy-induced hypertension



is another factor that causes high blood pressure during pregnancy. This also leads to swelling of mother’s hand, face, excess protein in urine and organ damage.

Premature Birth:

Full-term pregnancy in women usually lasts fo 40 weeks and a baby delivered before 37 weeks is considered as a premature baby. Premature delivery or birth increases the risks of digestive, respiratory, vision, cognitive and other problems.

Postpartum Depression:

Pregnant teenagers may be at a risk of a condition known as Postpartum depression. This condition is caused after delivering the baby.

How to Lower Health Risks:

  • Teenage pregnant girls should get a prenatal check by a doctor immediately and take prenatal vitamin to avoid birth defects.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol during pregnancy as they may damage the fetus growth.
  • Reach out for support from friends and family for practical and emotional support.

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