Make up Tips for Teenagers: Make up Tips for Lips

Make up is considered to be a tool to enhance natural beauty. It is natural for teens to use make up to enhance their features and alter their appearances. There are many options available to teens with regards to the types of makeup available and how to use it to best enhance their style.  When purchasing make up, it is prudent to take into account your skin type, if you have oily skin you don’t want to waste money on a product that will end up making your skin appear oilier.

Lip Make Up Tips:

  • Experiment with different types of lip make up until you discover the type that enhances your lips. Always remember to test the product before purchasing it.
  • Use different techniques to make thinner lips look fuller and plumper.
  • Apply a lip balm which retains moisture and prevents them from becoming dry, in regular intervals of time.
  • Every so often try rubbing a soft bristled toothbrush over your lips to remove dry flaky skin.

How to Apply:

  • Lip balm can be used as base for lip make up and it also protects them from harsh cosmetics. To begin with, apply a protective layer of a good lip balm.
  • Always choose a lip liner shade that is close to the lipstick shade you wish to use. Outline your lips with lip liner and blend the lip liner with the help of a brush gently.
  • This will define the shape of your lips and also prevent the spreading of the color into tiny lines around the mouth. A liner is the ideal way to give a sharp ‘V’ dip to your upper line.
  • Apply the lipstick twice a day to make it last for a longer period of time. Now choose a color that compliments you skin tone.
  • Press a tissue between the lips and blot the color and to make the color last longer, apply a second coat. Give them a fuller look by dabbing gloss on them.

Basic Make up Tips:

  • Teenagers should apply make up for two main reasons that is for softness and subtlety.
  • Mild and soft colors like neutral brown , pink or coral should be used for the face.
  • Harsh colors can age a teenager.
  • Teenagers should follow right make up tips and products to look more attractive.
  • They should take proper care of their skin as there are chances for it to change frequently due to hormonal changes.
  • They should avoid make up to hide skin problems since it can worsen the situation.

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